Riverside Retreats: Unveiling Serene Hotels on the River in Gatlinburg, TN

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Nestled in the embrace of the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN, is a haven for nature lovers seeking a tranquil escape. For those who desire a stay surrounded by the soothing sounds of flowing waters, hotels on the river in Gatlinburg provide the perfect blend of serenity and scenic beauty.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a curated selection of riverside retreats, each offering a unique perspective on the charm and allure of Gatlinburg.


The Greystone Lodge on the River: Timeless Comfort with River Views


Overlooking the flowing waters of the Little Pigeon River, The Greystone Lodge on the River offers timeless comfort. Guests can unwind on private balconies, savoring the serenity of the river, while being just steps away from Gatlinburg’s vibrant attractions.


Old Creek Lodge: Rustic Elegance by LeConte Creek


Nestled along the banks of LeConte Creek, Old Creek Lodge exudes rustic elegance. With its creek-side rooms and easy access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this hotel provides a gateway to both natural beauty and downtown Gatlinburg.


River Terrace Resort and Convention Center: Scenic Oasis in the Heart of Gatlinburg


The River Terrace Resort and Convention Center offers a scenic oasis in the heart of Gatlinburg. With rooms overlooking the Little Pigeon River and a location near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains, this resort provides a perfect blend of convenience and tranquility.


The Lodge at Buckberry Creek: Luxury Retreat in a Mountain Paradise


Perched on a hillside overlooking the Buckberry Creek, The Lodge at Buckberry Creek defines luxury in a mountain paradise. Guests can experience the allure of a secluded retreat while still being minutes away from Gatlinburg’s attractions.


Bearskin Lodge on the River Hotel: Cozy Comfort along the Pigeon River


Bearskin Lodge on the River Hotel offers cozy comfort along the Pigeon River. Guests can enjoy riverside balconies, relax in the outdoor hot tub, and immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds this Gatlinburg gem.


Riverhouse at the Park: Modern Luxury on the Banks of the Little Pigeon River


With modern luxury on the banks of the Little Pigeon River, Riverhouse at the Park provides a chic retreat in the heart of Gatlinburg. Guests can bask in the views of the river, stroll through nearby parks, and experience the best of mountain hospitality.


Eight Gables Inn: Charming Bed and Breakfast Along the Roaring Fork River


Offering a charming bed and breakfast experience, Eight Gables Inn sits along the Roaring Fork River. This Gatlinburg gem provides a tranquil escape with beautifully appointed rooms, lush gardens, and a riverfront gazebo for moments of quiet reflection.




Hotels on the river in Gatlinburg, TN, invite guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and serenity of the Great Smoky Mountains. Whether staying along the Little Pigeon River, LeConte Creek, or the Roaring Fork River, these riverside retreats offer a perfect blend of comfort and scenic allure. From private balconies to outdoor hot tubs, each hotel provides a unique perspective on the charm and tranquility that define Gatlinburg’s riverside accommodations.


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