Common Causes of Negligence in Arizona Truck Accidents

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Drivers of smaller automobiles and truck drivers alike must be mindful of the unique conditions that trucks provide when operating on the road. A seemingly tiny mistake can have disastrous consequences, especially when motorists are moving at high speeds on major Arizona freeways.

People in Arizona and across the country benefit significantly from commercial truck services. However, truck drivers’ carelessness frequently results in truck accidents. A study identified the following main reasons why big trucks cause accidents in Arizona:

Speeding trucks

Speeding is one of the most frequent ways truck drivers contribute to truck accidents. They accelerate because they frequently face pressure to do their task more quickly. Regretfully, when a truck driver exceeds the speed limit, there will be a stronger impact and more severe injuries.

Driving when distracted.

Truck drivers may eat and drink, text, use a telephone, or browse the internet while operating a vehicle when bored or pressed for time. This may cause them to lose focus while driving and take their hands off the wheel, which might have disastrous effects on the people they injure in a truck accident.

Equipment failure

A truck is a complicated machine—a complex collection of machines. Numerous systems are in operation simultaneously. If the equipment is malfunctioning, how cautious the truck driver is makes no difference. The consequences of a vehicle component malfunctioning or breaking down might be disastrous.

Should you get injuries due to malfunctioning truck parts or systems, you can get compensation for your losses with the help of a Phoenix truck accident lawyer. The vendor, the installer or mechanic who performed repairs, and the manufacturer are all potential defendants for defective truck equipment.

Drowsy driving

The federal hours of service rule restricts the number of hours truckers may drive and mandates that they take mandatory rests to prevent them from operating a vehicle while fatigued. Even still, many truck drivers drive when they are too exhausted to do so safely, breaking these regulations. If they are battling to stay awake while driving, they may unintentionally cause a head-on or rear-end collision.

Driving when intoxicated

Truck drivers are particularly vulnerable when operating a vehicle while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. This would significantly increase the likelihood of a wreck by seriously impairing their vision, judgment, and reaction speed, among other skills.

Loading cargo incorrectly

Additionally, truck drivers must ensure the shipment is securely fastened and not overburdened. Failing to do so may result in the truck rolling over or jackknifing, the cargo falling off, or a tire blowing out.


The combination of many of these factors results in truck accidents. For example, drivers may speed or drive excessively fast for the weather conditions, drive when highly exhausted, or use illegal or over-the-counter medicines to stay awake if they are under pressure from their company to deliver a load early or drive faster. Suppose you have suffered any harm in a negligent truck accident. In that case, you need a skilled truck accident attorney who can take these trucking companies to task for their careless actions and behaviors.

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